Glen Carlou Pinot Noir: one of the many facets of this attractive grape variety

Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2015
Paarl – South Africa
SAQ Price: $ 19,30
10 months in oak barrels
South African wines have a very particular character for me, something in the components of their somewhereness (terroir) that awakens my senses in a different way from the rest. This Pinot Noir has not been the exception to this feeling, but rather the rule of those explosive red wines, generous and enveloping in aromas and flavors.
I particularly liked this wine for its intense notes on the nose of anis, complemented by aromas of cinnamon, raspberry, vanilla and menthol. In the mouth, those flavors of young red fruits return and a pronounced acidity reinforces its refreshing character. Gentle and with persistent finish, it is a delicious and original wine, which confirms the versatility and diversity of the Pinot Noir grape variety, according to the place of the world where it comes from. This one comes from Paarl, an important wine region also known for having the largest granite stone in the world. A unique soil, without doubts, can only offer unique vineyards and unique wines! (MLF)


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