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MontGras and its new, fresh and affordable Fumé blanc!

DeGras Reserva Fumé Blanc 2016
Viña Montgras
DO Colchagua Valley - Chile
Sauvignon Blanc 100%
SAQ Price: $ 10.20

For those addicted to the expressiveness that this variety offers us in Chilean lands, I would like to introduce you to this new arrival: the Viña MontGras Fumé Blanc with an excellent price-quality ratio.
Already used to the versatility of its reds, this winery in the Colchagua Valley, which has practiced reasonable agriculture since 1993, is now trying to seduce local consumers with a new proposal: a fresh, aromatic and affordable white wine.
With subtle nose notes of citrus fruits, fresh herbs and green tea, it is a light and seductive wine. In the mouth, it gives us some mineral notes, but they are without doubt its citrus characteristics that provide that notorious but very pleasant acidity that leaves us a refreshing and enveloping finish.
Ideal to accompany summer salads, shrimp cocktails or grilled white fish, DeGras Fumé Blanc is a zestful and fresh wine easy to drink …

Corte Giara Valpolicella, the freshness of a simple and authentic wine

Allegrini Valpolicella 2015
Corte Giara
Valpolicella DOC - Italy
SAQ Price: $ 15.60
Let's travel to beautiful Italy, even if only through the tasting of one of their wines. Today we land in Valpolicella, one of the best-known Italian wine regions in the world. The Allegrini Valpolicella is a soft and balanced red made from two native varieties: corvina and rondinella. The nose shows subtle notes of red fruits, flowers and spices. In the mouth it is an elegant wine, delicate, with a marked but pleasant acidity and a persistent and gentle fruity finish. A well achieved Valpolicella, approachable and delicious, to enjoy either as an aperitif or as a companion of homemade Italian Cucina dishes.

Arboleda and its Carmenere of the highest quality to fall in love with the variety

Arboleda Carmenere 2015
Arboleda Wines
Aconcagua Valley - Chile
SAQ Price: $ 21.95
A new specialty product has arrived at the SAQ shelves. Let's welcome this Carmenere Arboleda 2015, of the wonderful and unique Aconcagua Valley, that perfectly fit our avid palates of good wines! Pure chilean essence, it is a 100% of this red variety that, in my humble opinion, is one of the most mysterious, different, interesting and almost exclusive one from the Andes terroir. In the nose is a soft and elegant wine, with pleasant notes of red and black fruits, such as raspberry, gooseberry or blackberries. All this fruity profile is complemented by balsamic and spicy aromas. A wine with an exquisite, subtle and delicate bouquet! Once in the mouth, it reminds me that it is a wine with a certain structure and body, given by its passage through french oak barrels for 12 months. Some notes of cinnamon, pepper and licorice make it slightly refreshing, and in the end it expresses with fineness its fruity …

Macho Man: intense and elegant Monastrell, 100% seduction!

Macho Man Monastrell 2014 The Wine Gurus - Bodegas Casa Rojo DOP Jumilla SAQ Price: $ 21.65 Ole, Ole, here we are, in front of a wine impossible to forget. Already with his name and his label I found it attractive, but the best, I assure you, is tasting it. It is absolutely delicious. The Monastrell (also known as Mourvedre) is the grape variety that in my opinion will become soon the vedette of the great Spanish wines. And Jumilla is one of the Iberian wine regions of which more is being said at the international level.This wine is a reference of the new Spanish wine’s trends ... take it into consideration!Macho Man is a powerful wine. With intense aromas of marmalade and red fruits, some cinnamon, pepper and fresh wood, it is a wine of mineral and Mediterranean character with a great expression of its terroir. In the mouth, it is generous, unctuous, with a balsamic body and and we still feel the flavory notes of fruit in jam and some other woody notes given by its 4 months in barrel. Th…

Montgras Quatro, Cabernet and much more of pure Chilean essence

Montgras Quatro Cabernet Sauvignon - Carmenere - Syrah - Malbec DO Colchagua Valley - Chile SAQ Price: $ 17.15
Much has been said about the particularities of the Chilean terroir and its influence on some varieties. In my opinion, Cabernet Sauvignon coming from these South American lands has a particularity that I can not find in other wine regions of the world. Its menthol aromas make a different and pleasant cabernet. And when added with other varieties such as Syrah, Carmenere and Malbec in order to make it rounder and stronger, the result can be spectacular. Such is the case of this Montgras Quatro, a red wine of great structure and personality. The wines of Viña Montgras use to please the Quebec consumer because of its excellent price-quality ratio. Made from the four emblematic varieties of Chilean reds, which were assembled after standing independently in oak barrels for 9 months, we have a wine overflowing with ripe fruit, rounded tannins, generous, enveloping and with a velvety bod…

Soprasasso: Classic Chardonnay, Italian style

Soprasasso Chardonnay 2015 MGM Mondo del Vino IGT delle Venezie - Italy SAQ Price: $ 14.55 This Italian Chardonnay is a jewel to discover. With all the typical notes of this elegant variety, it overflows with fruity aromas and hints of white flowers, honey and toast. In the mouth, it has a very pleasant unctuosity, since part of the wine has passed through oak barrels. Time enough to give to the wine the necessary body to be very enveloping, with notes of ripe fruit, peach, pear and vanilla. A very good wine, balanced, easy to drink and with a velvety finish that will make you want for more. Coming from the beautiful region of Venice, it is an interesting wine to know about the Chardonnay, classic French variety of international character, and to see how it behaves in the rest of the world. In this case, in the beautiful Italy!

A new line of Bulgarian wines to enjoy all year long!

By Marina La Forgia It has come to my hands and to my curious sommelier palate this new line of wines from Villa Yustina, Bulgaria, represented here in Quebec by P & V Wines. Available for the moment in private imports, and $ 22 per bottle, I invite you to discover the whole range, made with the most representative international varieties planted in the Thracian Valley, wine region of the south of the country, with optimal mediterranean climate and which begins to be more and more recognize in the world. It is no a small matter that Wine Enthusiast magazine has recently cataloged this region as one of the best wine destinations in the world.

4 Seasons Spring Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon I dare say that it is a wine in the image and likeness of what should be this season: the proliferation of aromas and colors and the arrival of the warmer days! A wine of delicate notes of tropical fruits, melon and apple. In the mouth it is refreshing, dry and with a mineral character that makes i…