A new line of Bulgarian wines to enjoy all year long!

By Marina La Forgia
It has come to my hands and to my curious sommelier palate this new line of wines from Villa Yustina, Bulgaria, represented here in Quebec by P & V Wines. Available for the moment in private imports, and $ 22 per bottle, I invite you to discover the whole range, made with the most representative international varieties planted in the Thracian Valley, wine region of the south of the country, with optimal mediterranean climate and which begins to be more and more recognize in the world. It is no a small matter that Wine Enthusiast magazine has recently cataloged this region as one of the best wine destinations in the world.

4 Seasons Spring Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon
I dare say that it is a wine in the image and likeness of what should be this season: the proliferation of aromas and colors and the arrival of the warmer days! A wine of delicate notes of tropical fruits, melon and apple. In the mouth it is refreshing, dry and with a mineral character that makes it very interesting and pleasant. This bi-varietal is seductive, soft and pleasing like the warm spring sun. Enjoy in all simplicity as an aperitif on the terrace.

 4 Seasons Sumner Gewurztraminer
Made from one of my favorite white varieties, Summer is a wine that seduces by its floral aromas. In smell, I confess that I imagined a sweet wine. However, in the mouth it is dry, slightly acidic, and with a paradoxically refreshing ointment. The wine of summer is a clear example of freshness and enjoyment, very particular and original.

4 Seasons Autumn Pinot Noir
Although there are other options available in this market, Autumn is an interesting sample of a real Bulgarian Pinot noir. from this region. Its notes on the nose have nuances of smoked spices and cherries, and not very much of the other typical animal aromas. In the mouth it is purely fruity, unctuous and with an end of light and pleasant bitterness, which brings us back to its earthy and spicy character. With all the hints that we could smell during the autumn season, with its first cold, its aromas of rain and the million of dry leaves.

4 Seasons Winter Cabernet Franc
With a great intensity both in the nose and in the mouth, it is without any doubt the wine with more of structure and body. Fruit aromas in the nose are then accompanied in the mouth by pleasant notes of plum, leather and cinnamon. A very versatile Cabernet Franc with a long finish and a crispy acidity that leaves us a refreshing feeling. A wine with a guarding potential of about 3-5 years. Like the Canadian winter, this is an intense, persistent wine and, because of its character and its body, very enveloping.


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