Arboleda and its Carmenere of the highest quality to fall in love with the variety

Arboleda Carmenere 2015
Arboleda Wines
Aconcagua Valley - Chile
SAQ Price: $ 21.95
A new specialty product has arrived at the SAQ shelves. Let's welcome this Carmenere Arboleda 2015, of the wonderful and unique Aconcagua Valley, that perfectly fit our avid palates of good wines! Pure chilean essence, it is a 100% of this red variety that, in my humble opinion, is one of the most mysterious, different, interesting and almost exclusive one from the Andes terroir.
In the nose is a soft and elegant wine, with pleasant notes of red and black fruits, such as raspberry, gooseberry or blackberries. All this fruity profile is complemented by balsamic and spicy aromas. A wine with an exquisite, subtle and delicate bouquet!
Once in the mouth, it reminds me that it is a wine with a certain structure and body, given by its passage through french oak barrels for 12 months. Some notes of cinnamon, pepper and licorice make it slightly refreshing, and in the end it expresses with fineness its fruity character, its intensity of flavors and its guard potential.
Viña Arboleda belongs to the group of wineries and wines of Chadwick, currently one of the most renowned winemakers not only in Chile but in the world. With a certified methodology of cultivation and sustainable production and environmental care, Arboleda stands out above the rest. Its range of products includes only six wines of ultra-premium quality and each of them expresses perfectly the unique terroir of the Aconcagua Valley. And as it could not be otherwise, its Carmenere is an elegant and original wine. I invite you to discover this particular variety produced on its highest quality. It will be 22 dollars well spent. (MLF)


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