Soprasasso: Classic Chardonnay, Italian style

Soprasasso Chardonnay 2015
MGM Mondo del Vino
IGT delle Venezie - Italy
SAQ Price: $ 14.55
This Italian Chardonnay is a jewel to discover. With all the typical notes of this elegant variety, it overflows with fruity aromas and hints of white flowers, honey and toast. In the mouth, it has a very pleasant unctuosity, since part of the wine has passed through oak barrels. Time enough to give to the wine the necessary body to be very enveloping, with notes of ripe fruit, peach, pear and vanilla. A very good wine, balanced, easy to drink and with a velvety finish that will make you want for more. Coming from the beautiful region of Venice, it is an interesting wine to know about the Chardonnay, classic French variety of international character, and to see how it behaves in the rest of the world. In this case, in the beautiful Italy!


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