Tenuta Argentiera and its great Bolgheri wines

(By Marina La Forgia) From beautiful and renowned Tuscany, the specific region of Bolgheri is one of the most prestigious and vibrant. Although it is one of the smallest, it is one of the most active and important in the wine map today. And it is the birth place of great, elegant and stylish wines of Tenuta Argentiera, a relatively young winery that has been producing great wines year after year, and thus seduced the palate of Quebec consumers. Already well stablished in this market, I had the opportunity to attend a guided press tasting with Tenuta’s Marketing Director, Massimo Basile, and thanks to some specific vertical tastings, I had the chance to feel and taste the aging potential and the constant quality of all wines, in all ranges and styles.
It is important to note that its great high-end wines are absolutely sublime. But I would like to emphasize that both entry level brand (Poggio ai Ginepri) and medium range brand (Villa Donoratico), have an excellent price-quality ratio. They are absolutely recommended to discover the potential and the elegance of the Bolgheri wines. The main characteristics that describe Tenuta Argentiera wines, which is complexity and freshness, is undoubtedly contributed by its terroir. The vines grow in optimal lands a few kilometers from the coast and that microclimate is the ideal for production. These are my favorites ones:

Poggio ai Ginepri Bolgheri 2015
50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah, 20% Merlot
SAQ price: $ 23.35
Great international wine blend with a lot to offer. It has seduced me by its animal, leather, spices and undergrowth earthy aromas. In the mouth, it is silky and fruity, unctuous and full-bodied. Persistent and very nice finish. For its price, it is a great red wine of character and personality. The 2015 harvest is still available in the SAQ gondolas. 2016 will arrive in October.

Villa Donoratico 2015

40% Cabernet Sauvigon, 30% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot
                                             SAQ price: $ 32.50
A structured and delicious wine. The nose overflows with notes of cherry, plum, coffee, pepper and licorice. This complex bouquet of aromas turns into a tasty and fleshy wine. With a great structure and corpulence, it is a wine of great character but very pleasant to drink. Although, I could suggest an additional bottle aging of 3 to 4 years and thus achieve the right balance and roundness of a perfect maturity. The 2016 harvest, which is equally promising, will be available in the specialty gondolas from September, at the price of $ 34.75. 

Giorgio Bartholomaus 2012 - Bolgheri Superiore
100% Merlot
SAQ price: $ 189.75 (available from December as "Renown Italian Wine")
I could not finish my chronicle without mentioning this great Italian wine. An excellent merlot produced for long aging with elegance and precision. The complex notes of intense red fruits, spices and cinnamon, leather and stable are already perceived in the nose. In the mouth, I confess that it is absolutely drinkable and delicious, but its tannic structure and its intensity of flavors promissory guarantee and that longevity is still necessary to become in a few years, an exceptional wine!


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