From Sicily, an Italian syrah plenty of fruit and personality

Cusumano Syrah 2015
Terre Siciliane IGT
SAQ Price: $ 14,45

Coming from the Mediterranean lands of Sicily, I would like to introduce you to  this pleasant Syrah of great personality. With many of the characteristics that remind me of the new world wine style, this Italian wine offers an overflowing bouquet of ripe fruits such as cherry and plum, with notes of cinnamon and pepper. On the palate, it has a moderately light body, but is very intense in flavor. It is a purely fruity wine, without any wood at all, which makes it a young wine with much to offer. Ideal to match with all kinds of pasta or roasted beef with well-seasoned sauces. Something else has caught my attention in this bottle: a special mention to its top or cover, which is neither cork nor synthetic cap. It has a delicate and novel glass stopper that perfectly preserves the freshness and joviality of this fruity Italian wine, elegant and easy to drink. For its price-quality ratio, it is an interesting Italian syrah to discover and adopt! MLF


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