Pater Sangiovese: a delicate and affordable wine from Frescobaldi

Pater Sangiovese
IGT Toscana 2014
SAQ Price: $ 15.45

I often like enjoying these wines from centuries-old wineries, considered classic, unique and prestigious. 
My humble pocket does not allow me to procure the best and most expensive ones, but generously these wineries produce some affordable wines so that all of us can have access to, in order to enjoy a little bit of the magic and the emblematic know-how. 
Coming from the beautiful and captivating region of Tuscany, this Sangiovese of Frescobaldi is a real delight. It is a seductive and delicate wine to love all palates. 
On the nose is a harmony of red fruits such as raspberry, strawberry and cherries, added to notes of mint and tobacco that give a very special refreshing touch. 
On the palate, this wine is well balanced, elegant and smooth. The fruit seduces us again and leaves us a very delicate and enveloping finish. To accompany pasta with soft tomato sauces, or to enjoy it just as an aperitif, simply with a bruschetta. (MLF)


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