The 8 "Great Crus" Sordo

Let me introduce you these wonderful barolos from Sordo. I had the chance to taste some of them a few months ago here in Montreal and they absolutely are wines to discover! Available only in private imports, represented by Fenzovino. Azienda Agricola Sordo Giovanni become among the only wineries of the whole area of the Langhe to have 8 Barolo Crus. A huge variety! 

Vineyard located in one of the best areas of the Municipality of Castiglione Falletto. Aspect South East Altitude varies between 320 and 350 meters. loam soil, loose surface and traces of limestone. A little more than a meter deep layers are hard layers of white-gray marl, dry and very compact bluish. Belonging to the Helvetian period. 

Vineyard is located in one of the areas already identified in  high wine vocation of the municipality of Castiglione Falletto. Exposure: West-South West Altitude varies between 270 and 290 meters. A beautiful valley vineyard consists of loam soil, loose surface and traces of limestone. A little more than a meter deep are hard layers of white-gray marl and hard and compact bluish belonging to the Helvetian period. 

exceptional value vineyard nestled in one of the most prestigious areas of the pin hamlet in the town of Monforte. Exposure: Southeast Altitude between 270 and 400 meters above sea level. tuff with layers of red soil, not easy to process. The subsoil consists mainly of stones and rocks cemented detrital more or less tenaciously by sandy and clay components belonging to the Helvetian period. 

Vineyard planted in one of the subzones -definite from Ratti- "first-class, high-quality features, the most interesting and prestigious of Serralunga". Exposure: South- Southwest Altitude between 250
and 300 meters above sea level. Land that stands out, from the geological point of view, as belonging to the formation of Lequio, with clayey-calcareous marl not very compact the Helvetian period. The slope of the vineyards and their position sheltered from the winds, confirms the story of older people, ensuring the presence of a micro-climate more than ever favorable to the cultivation of Nebbiolo. 


Vineyard planted in one of the most beautiful locations in the town of Novello. area suited and highly coveted. Exposure: South-Southeast. Altitude between 420 and 450 meters above sea level. Tasting notes: The wine expresses a rich chromatic notes of fresh and exciting fruitiness. 

One of the most famous vineyards and fields planted in the municipality of Verduno. For its unique microclimate, this historic vineyard, was considered by researchers and experts a "Grand Cru" among the most suitable area. Exposure: Southeast-Southwest. Altitude between 280 and 320 meters above sea level.


For its extension and want above all for its value, Villero is absolutely the most fractional mention of Castiglione Falletto. It follows one of the most homogeneous in terms of exposure.

TheThe Monprivato is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious mentions not only of Castiglione Falletto but the entire denomination. A reputation built on valuable land, on a remarkable collection, in particular in the medium-high end of the hill and on a long history of memorable wines similar to those of the Rocche di Castigione breadth of perfumes.

All our CRU breeding screws and Guyot system. Grassing controlled, organic fertilization. Thinning bunches in July-August. Ampelopatie treated with sulfur and copper sulphate. Hand harvest with grape selection. Work in the cellar: crushing and de-stemming, tumultuous fermentation at a controlled temperature, submerged cap maceration for four to six weeks, treatment of malolactic fermentation, maturation and aging in traditional oak. 

Paolo Trave, export manager and Eugenia Festoso, agent, kindly introduced me to these great wines while visiting their stand at La Grande Degustation de Montreal 2016


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