3 wines that should be available in Quebec, seriously ...

By Marina La Forgia

Sometimes - very few unfortunately - I have the opportunity to taste wines here in Quebec that are not yet available in the market. I always thank those producers and agents who believe in my advise and bring me the opportunity to give them my appreciations, because each wine for me is a sensational discovery and a learning.

There are wines like these three from the Piedmontese producer Sordo that are really fabulous but that we can not acquire, at least for now. Unfortunately, due to the bureaucracy and difficulty of the state monopoly that limits and governs our freedom to choose wines that "really" would like to buy, many great wines are left out of the party.

Well, let's finish writing about my frustration of living in a place where the wine market is not free and the possibility of developing business opportunities in the industry is so difficult... I will concentrate on describing these three wines that I have tasted exclusively and that have generated to myself the greatest of pleasures.

Sordo Barbera d’Alba 2015
The Barbera is one of those varieties that represent in my opinion some of the Italian identity: strength, good presence and simplicity. This wine is a clear exponent of the tipicity with intense notes of red fruit in nose, some undergrowth and leather. In the mouth it is an explosion of flavors, very round and easy to drink. An excellent choice of slightly light, balanced and enveloping red wine.

Sordo Barolo Gabutti 2012
The Gabutti 2012 is an excellent Barolo that in the nose presents nice fruity and animal aromas that are well amalgamated. This intensity is also perceived in the mouth with a very unctuous body and an a very long final. Even with a guarding potential of perhaps 5-10 years, it is already a wine to be enjoyed given its great splendor.

Sordo Riserva Barolo Perno 2009
The Barolo are known in the world as "the king of wines, the wine of kings". This fame, in this wine is very justified. Honestly, one of the best Barolo I have tasted in my life. The kind of wines that are really perfect from A to Z. Both the nose and mouth offers a delicate bouquet of animal, fruit, spices and evolution notes that make of it a very balanced, round, elegant and unforgettable wine.


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