Zuccardi Wines: from innovation to action

By Marina La Forgia

If I think of the wines of Zuccardi, a single word comes to mind: Innovation. This 100% family-owned Mendoza winery is one of the unique producers to offer one of the largest offer of wines, of all ranges and for all palates. And if I have the opportunity to taste them, as I did thanks to participate in an event for the press, another word comes to describe them: Originals. They are wines that everybody should taste in its widest variety, because they express much of the Argentine identity and its potential.
Here in Quebec, it was with their hyper sold Fuzion that they kicked off in this market. The unexpected success of this entry level blend wine has not made them "fall asleep on their laurels," but quite the opposite. Driven with conviction by its representative agent, Elixirs, the winery has set out to conquer the Québec consumer with what they do best: Argentine wines that are representative and different at the same from the Uco Valley region, a unique terroir in the world. A pleasant tasting with Jose "Pepe" Zuccardi in person allowed us to enter the world of its best wines. Personally, it was a new opportunity to "travel with the senses" and remember why I miss so many times my land of origin ...

Very little is known here in Quebec about the Uco Valley and the particularity of its arid, stony and alluvial soils. It is an amazing wine region thanks to the imposing contribution of the Andes. Regarding Zuccardi wines, this gift of nature coupled with the desire for perfectionism of the new generation led by the son of Jose, Sebastian, make the soil of the Uco valley a land to be discovered in every detail and thus find its maximum expression. Gualtallary, Vista Flores, La Consulta, Altamira are today some of the most specific appellation of the area and cradle of several of the wines that the winery wants to show to the world, such as the ones introduced here in Montreal.
For several years now, Zuccardi has innovated with unknown varieties for the Argentine viticulture, but today this pure innovation has been extended in all areas, even in the processing methods. They have decided to replace the stainless steel tanks with a best option: pure cement tanks without any coating and thus give to the wines new and interesting particularities.

Video of the construction of the new cellar, Piedra Infinita

This presentation in Montreal was also favorable to make us discover and taste its olive oils, now available in Quebec. The offer is made up of three different varieties: Arauco, Changlot and Frantoio. In my opinion, the three options are different and delicious, but they have one thing in common: a distinctly herbaceous taste and a nice spicy end which is very characteristic of the olive trees planted in Mendoza lands.

A complete tasting that has awakened all my senses!

These are my tasting notes of my favorites ones:

Zuccardi Serie A Chardonnay-Viognier 2015
SAQ Price: $ 15.05
A white fresh and delicate blend of 85% / 15% respectively. In general, I liked it because in both nose and mouth predominate the fruity notes of Chardonnay that are blended with the silky Viognier, giving the wine an elegance that stands out. Price affordable, is a white wine that expresses the freshness of the terroir in a very versatile way. You can not ask for more!

Zuccardi Q Chardonnay 2015
SAQ Price: $ 21.00
A typical and clear chardonnay of Mendoza, that is so little known by here. A wine paradoxically unctuous and very fresh. The notes of peach, pear and apple are well-known and in the mouth they offer a delicate and subtile sweetness. The acidity of this white is refreshing and a mineral character makes it very particular.

Vida Organica Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
SAQ Price: $ 15.75
A biological wine accessible to all pockets. A medium-bodied red with pleasant spicy notes and ripe red fruits on both nose and mouth. Honestly, a cabernet with these bio-processing features of the Uco Valley is a rather atypical product that I invite you to discover. Simple and original.

Zuccardi Concreto 2015
Available in Private Import at $ 45,21
It's my favorite, I must confess. The name perfectly expresses its identity: a 100% Malbec made and raised in tanks of "concrete" (cement). A sublime wine, that overflows in nose of aromas of plum, violets and currants. In the mouth, that expressiveness is also generous, with a very enveloping and forceful ending. A Malbec at its best, mineral and intensely corpulent, like "concrete"!

Zucccardi Emma 2014
Available in Private Import at $ 41.25
Because Bonarda is one of my favorite varieties, and because I believe that in Argentina it has a lot of potential to produce quality wines, Emma de Zuccardi is a wine that I want to highlight. A red that comes out from what is typically known, a 100% Bonarda of great personality. In the nose, it shows nice aromas of fresh red fruits, with some notes of vanilla and caramel very subtle and enveloping. In the mouth, it is slightly spicy, very fruity and with a large body. A wine that still has potential to age in the bottle.


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