Yacochuya: the world of High Vineyards

By Andrea La Forgia - Special Contributor in Buenos Aires
Sommelier de Cava

This week, we could meet Arnaldo and Marcos Etchart, who introduced us their wines from Valles Calchaquies.
This tasting took place at a historical bar of Buenos Aires, Los Galgos, established 1930.
Marcos told us that after the prestigious winery founded by his father, a new winery started business, named Yacochuya, and it was the first one that hired a French winemaker, Michel Rolland, as a consultant in 1988.
They have old vines, which is one of the items needed for high quality wines.
The first wine was San Pedro de Yacochuya Torrontes 2016, classic style, made with golden and ripe grapes, super expressive in the nose, fruity, floral and with balanced acidity.
The second wine was Coquena Corte 2015, a blend made of the classical varietals of Salta which are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat. Structured and powerful , from younger vineyards. 
The third wine was San Pedro de Yacochuya  2014. Another harvest that never disappoints . Since the first vintage in 1992, it has the same quality in the blend in which Malbec predominates plus Cabernet Sauvignon .
These vineyards are above 2000 meters above sea level.
After being fermented separately, they macerate together for a month and then spend some time in barrels.
The fourth wine was Yacochuya 2015, 93 % Malbec and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, with aging, with a long potential of storage. Powerful, intense in color as well as elegant.
Apart from these, we could taste those wines belonging to Fernando Dupont, that Marcos is also the winemaker.
This wines from Jujuy, very unusual, are made with grapes from vines situated at approximately 3300 meters above sea level.
We tasted Sikuri 2015, a meaty and rather smoky Shiraz and Pasacana 2014, an intense blend 80% Malbec , 10 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Shiraz. 
At the end, we had a surprise: a recent project that has to do with distillation, making Italian style grappa and an aromatic Torrontes brandy style of 40% of alcohol.

All these shows us that Etchart family is always innovating and making very good wines for several decades.


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