Eighteen years later...

By Andrea La Forgia - Special Contributor in Buenos Aires
Sommelier de Cava

While I was studying sommelierie I discovered that some wines could maintain the characteristics, evolve and even get better though time. 
Not all  have this possibility, but they do those which have been thought since the beginning, made with dedication and with careful aging. 
I thought that human beings are very much alike. And I thought about my children. 
So I decided to buy a wine for each, that can be stored and age well, made with grapes harvested in the year of their births. 
So, while my little boys were growing, these wines were stored patiently. 
The idea was that when they are eighteen years old, we could drink the bottle all together. 
It was very exciting when we had this first experience two years ago with my oldest son and a few days ago with the youngest. 
The wines I am talking about are Lagarde Henry Gran Guarda Ner. 1 1997, bottle number 2237, and  Lagarde Henry Gran Guarda Ner. 1 , 1999, bottle number 1067. 
Apart from the fact that the wines were very interesting to drink at the moment, with some sediments on the bottle, with a brick color due to time and with a complex nose, it was wonderful to share with them. They could enjoy and value every glass since they were part of the process and in this case, it was not necessary to have any experience in tasting. 
It was a good idea at the time...And an excellent idea to celebrate!


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