La Croix d'Aline: that gentle exuberance ...

La Croix d'Aline 2015
Les Domaines Auriol
Saint Chinian AOC - Languedoc-Roussillon - France
Syrah (60%) - Grenache (40%)
SAQ Price: $ 16.75

The wines are no longer divided among those coming from the old or the new world. Now the wines have their own identity, chosen by their winemakers, beyond their country of origin. And that's why today all types of wines and styles can be found in all the wine regions of our beloved planet. Here you have a French wine that perhaps in my opinion is out of the stereotype, which responds to a very modern style, easy to adopt and that is why I invite you to discover.
The Croix d'Aline, by Domaines Auriol, is a wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Saint Chinian appellation. A red wine, round and balanced, from head to toe. Its seductive violaceous color, product of being a blend of two colorful grapes like the Syrah and Grenache, invites us, suggests us to taste it without much preamble.
On the nose, floral, spicy and smoky notes stand out, followed by aromas of underbrush. It has a complex and generous bouquet. In the mouth, it surrounds all the palate with its velvety body, its round tannins, its balanced structure and its delicate, although intense, flavor. Although it is a wine of some French character, I must say that it has a renewed and different style that seduced me: it is kind and gentle, but it is a bit exuberant. I suggest to taste this wine accompanied by a roasted lamb, a plate of strong cheeses or a tasty risotto. Cheers and “bon appetit”! (Marina La Forgia)


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