A premium Shiraz finished in Whiskey barrels... and ready to conquer Quebec!

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz
Barossa Valley – Australia
SAQ Price: $ 21,25

Jacob's Creek is one of the most beloved Australian wineries for the Canadian public. Its wines, basically mono varietals Shiraz, captivate the local palates for its generous explosion of flavors and aromas that represent the savoir faire and the Australian terroir. But, undoubtedly, what also likes the people from this winery is its innovative character, its continuous search to produce exceptional wines that at the time of being tasted, they offer us the pleasure and enjoyment that we are looking for. Jacob's Creek always tries to offer that much-needed bonus to recognize a brand over any of the others. 

I have known their wines for a long time, their young syrah and their mature wines, with or without a barrel, but always with a seal that identifies them. And for the first time I had the opportunity to participate in a pleasant tasting with his Brand Ambassador to discover the new product star: Shiraz Double Barrel with a final step in Scotch whiskey barrels, recently launched into the Quebec market. 

Made with the best grapes coming from the Barossa Valley, Double Barrel is an interesting wine that I invite you to discover. A first maturation in oak for 18 months already gives the own notes of the barrel, and then a final touch of three months in used barrels of whiskey, make it a totally different wine. Although it has no direct contact with the spirit drink, the fact that it has been placed in scotch barrels has given it an endless number of characteristic aromas of malt or barley, spices, tobacco and smoked notes. It smells like whiskey! In the mouth, you can feel coconut notes, marmalade red fruit, caramel and cinnamon. Complex and velvety at the same time, it is a wine of special texture that does not go unnoticed and with a very particular flavor.

During the tasting, I had the opportunity to try the same Shiraz wine before it passed through the whiskey barrel and that helped me to identify all the positive contribution of this final touch. The result, a unique wine, intense, unctuous and, above all, very delicious!

Marina La Forgia


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