Ibizkus: a walk through the wines of the land of Ibiza

By Marina La Forgia

In recent holidays on the paradisiac island of Ibiza I had the opportunity to visit the Ibizkus winery and taste its interesting wines. Same image of the natural beauty of this little corner of the world, the Ibizkus wines are very attractive thanks to the careful aesthetics of their bottles and because they are wines of flavor and particular aromas. Some of the few and only under the appelation of Tierra de Ibiza wines.
The adventure of producing wines for Ibizkus owners is recent, only from 2007, and since then, they have intended to offer to the local and international markets only high-level wines made from locally grown grapes, all coming from different parcels of the island. I appreciate the kindness and hospitality with which they received me. It was an enriching and unique experience!
The wine Ibizkus line includes 4 labels, and here my tasting notes:

Ibizkus White
An aromatic and delicate blend white of 75% Macabeo and Malvasía Ibicenca, with 25% of Parellada and Chardonnay. It is a wine that reminds us of ripe tropical fruits with some notes also carbonic and mineral. In the mouth is also fruity, but also with some salty and smoky nuances that give it a very particular flavor. A wine that is fresh, without any doubt, but also with a pleasant and persistent greasiness.

Ibikus Rosé
Considered its wine flagship, the most requested and sold, this rosé made with Monastrell, Syrah and Tempranillo is a delight for all the senses. With attractive color and wrapping, it offers floral notes such as sage and jasmine which predominate on the nose. This delicacy is also perceived in the mouth, being very elegant, soft and clearly perfumed and floral. Ideal as a summer wine, to enjoy especially on the beaches of Ibiza, but also on our terraces accompanied by friends and good music. An elegant and seductive rosé high-end.

Ibizkus Red
A 100% Monastrell of quite character, maybe a bit rustic, but interesting. Fruit notes do not appear but minerals ones in the first place and that makes a particular red. In the mouth it is also purely mineral, of average body, balanced and with a woody flavor in the end surely contributed by its passage by barrel.

La Savia Divina
A bivarietal of Monastrell and Syrah in equal proportions, the Savia Divina, according to its winemakers, "tries to recreate the wine as it was done back generations": it does not pass through filters or barrels. It has a natural decantation after standing for months before being bottled. I have been impacted by their mineral notes already from the nose, in the mouth is very particular and with a very concentrate flavor. In order to appreciate it in its full fullness it was necessary to oxyginate it for a few minutes and thus appeared its floral notes and fresh red fruit. I could say that this is his most artisanal wine.

The good news? The Savia Divina, Ibizkus Tinto and Ibizkus blanco wines can be ordered here in Quebec, in private import, through Passion Gourmet. (Http://passiongourmet.ca)


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