Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Chardonnay and Pinot Noir: the new appelation that begins to make us talk

 Have you ever heard about the Aconcagua Costa appellation? It is perhaps Viña Errazuriz, the winery of great prestige in the Canadian market, the pioneer in putting into the world map this unique geographic region, perfect for the cultivation of the vines. Thanks also to the savoir faire of its winemaker Francisco Baettig, this new coastal area, along with the classic Aconcagua from the Cordillera (mountains), becomes a special terroir that gives a new identity to Chilean wines. It is exactly as if we find in this South American region everything that characterizes the terroir of the old world in the new world: less exuberance, more finesse and elegance.
From this appellation, I would like to introduce you today the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir. Two different, fresh, and very delicate wines, that show a new facet of Chilean wine and that fortunately are available in the market of Quebec since a few weeks.

Errazuriz Chardonnay 2015
Aconcagua Costa – Chili
SAQ Price: $22,95
With such a wrapping perfume of floral and citrus aromas it is already from the nose a very elegant and suggestive wine. On the palate, I liked it because of its dry character, its vibrant acidity, its fruity and generous flavor. It is not at all a typical Chardonnay, since the Aconcagua Coast offers us very particular citric and saline notes. In the end, it is very subtle and refreshing. In my opinion, the terroir makes the difference. A wine of great fineness, to absolutely discover ...

Errazuriz Pinot Noir 2016
Aconcagua Costa – Chili
SAQ Price: $ 24,95
Having probably the style that reminds us slightly to the Pinot Noir of the Burgundy, the Aconcagua Costa de Errazuriz displays all the characteristics of the tipicity in a delicate and subtle way. On the nose, notes of red fruit such as raspberry or strawberry are evident, but it also has smoky, mentholated and nutty aromas. Of great freshness and acidity, it is a wine with the necessary structure and body to accompany spicy dishes and/or stuffed pasta, for example.

There is much talk today about minerality in wines. A "fashion" word in my opinion, I am inclined to use it to identify a characteristic that refers particularly to the soil influence. I could say that these two wines of Errazuriz are "minerals", but perhaps it would be more accurate to identify them as fresh, lively, and fundamentally genuine. They are the expression of a new coastal terroir, possibly new also for our palates. These are two wines from one of the most privileged wine regions in the world, and thanks to it, they are two wines that also begin to get prizes and international recognitions.


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