One of the Beaujolais by excellence in Quebec honors Montreal

Beaujolais Pisse-Dru Patriarche 2015
AOC Beaujolais – France
SAQ Price : $13,55

Pisse Dru, the most Canadian of the Beaujolais, made his arrival in Quebec back in 1955 and since then it has been maintaining a strong bond with the consumer and local culture. The proof is the winery's decision to pay homage to the city of Montreal, its main market, on the 375th anniversary of its founding, with a special edition of aesthetically beautiful bottles.
As all classic Beaujolais, it is a unique and original wine of the Gamay Noir variety and with semi-carbonic maceration. We find in the nose fruity aromas of cherry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. On the palate it is also a very balanced fruit explosion, young and enveloping. Its freshness and friendly tannins make it a versatile red wine, easy to drink and very seductive. Beaujolais is a wine that is always ideal to drink between 13 and 15 degrees, the right temperature in which it expresses its maximum potential.

On limited quantities, only 80,000 bottles, do not miss the opportunity to get one of these bottles. A fussion of the delight of this delicious French classic with the vigorous image of Montreal! (MLF)


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