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Zuccardi Wines: from innovation to action

By Marina La Forgia If I think of the wines of Zuccardi, a single word comes to mind: Innovation. This 100% family-owned Mendoza winery is one of the unique producers to offer one of the largest offer of wines, of all ranges and for all palates. And if I have the opportunity to taste them, as I did thanks to participate in an event for the press, another word comes to describe them: Originals. They are wines that everybody should taste in its widest variety, because they express much of the Argentine identity and its potential. Here in Quebec, it was with their hyper sold Fuzion that they kicked off in this market. The unexpected success of this entry level blend wine has not made them "fall asleep on their laurels," but quite the opposite. Driven with conviction by its representative agent, Elixirs, the winery has set out to conquer the Québec consumer with what they do best: Argentine wines that are representative and different at the same from the Uco Valley reg

Donnafugata: color, passion and great Sicilian wines

By Marina La Forgia The wines of Donnafugata do not go unnoticed. Their careful and colorful aesthetics, added to a constant and sustained quality over the years have made them a "classic" for the Québec market. Univins, visionary and prestigious agency that represents them since a few months, has decided to push these great Sicilian wines even to a higher level, offering a complete press tasting of its most emblematic wines. It has been a while that I am personally interested in wines from islands where the volcanic contribution makes these lands and soils unique places for the cultivation of vines. Having attended this tasting was then a great opportunity to continue learning about this type of terroir, but especially to see how great the Donnafugata wines are. This winery has pure family character and it is owned by the Rallo's, innovative winemakers and pioneers in producing excellent wines in Sicily. Its vineyards and wineries are distributed between Marsala

Caribü: A new winter festival plenty of flavors to warm you up!

The Bières et Saveurs de Chambly organizers had something in mind: create an event that would become a development display and a vector for Quebec distilleries, a rapidly growing industry. In order to highlight these spirits, it was only natural to include cocktails and mixology to the mix! Thus, Caribü was born! Original cocktails created by renowned mixologists, distilleries from all across Quebec, cider works, berry liquor producers, some microbreweries and food trucks. All will take place in a charming wintery decor with shows, DJs, a recreation area and heated terraces...Go out and warm up! It is starting today!  From February 17 th to 19th  at Charles-Le Moyne Square 100, Charles-Le Moyne Square, Longueuil.

Alta Alella: an unforgettable wine-tasting-tourism experience ...

By Marina La Forgia One of the most special moments of my trip to Catalonia was the visit of Alta Alella, the nearest winery to Barcelona, a magical place where I could breathe one of the purest air, to observe with delight the most beautiful landscapes and finally to taste a good quantity of its fabulous wines made under the concept of organic agriculture. Just reaching the winery, on top of Alella, picturesque Catalan village, we can see the magnitude of this family project headed by Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets. Located only 2 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, the vineyards are strategically distributed along slopes and terraces. The soil is sauló, the main characteristic of the wines of Alta Alella: an arid acid soil, little organic matter and low water retention. The view of the vineyards with their different varieties is imposing. Reflecting the characteristics of the land is the main objective of its owners. That's why its dedication to producing special, u

3 wines that should be available in Quebec, seriously ...

By Marina La Forgia Sometimes - very few unfortunately - I have the opportunity to taste wines here in Quebec that are not yet available in the market. I always thank those producers and agents who believe in my advise and bring me the opportunity to give them my appreciations, because each wine for me is a sensational discovery and a learning. There are wines like these three from the Piedmontese producer Sordo that are really fabulous but that we can not acquire, at least for now. Unfortunately, due to the bureaucracy and difficulty of the state monopoly that limits and governs our freedom to choose wines that "really" would like to buy, many great wines are left out of the party. Well, let's finish writing about my frustration of living in a place where the wine market is not free and the possibility of developing business opportunities in the industry is so difficult... I will concentrate on describing these three wines that I have tasted exclusivel

An appellation from Bourgogne revealed: Mercurey, a patchwork of Climats

Mercurey is one of the Bourgogne winegrowing region’s biggest appellations in terms of production, comparable to Meursault or Gevrey-Chambertin in that respect, and certainly providing enough wine to satisfy markets both in France and beyond. Wine characteristics: Reds : Often deep in color, tinged with ruby, these wines evoke strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, with a truly fruity bite. Age brings in notes of undergrowth, and spicy touches of tobacco and cocoa beans. In the mouth, they are rich, full-bodied, and fruity. In their youth, the tannins of this wine lend it a mineral firmness. When aged, they are attractively fleshy and rounded. Whites : With hints of green, their typical Chardonnay gold color brings aromas of white blossom like hawthorn and acacia, along with hazelnut, almond, and spices like cinnamon and pepper. A touch of minerality adds to the trademark of these flavorsome, eminently drinkable wines. Sommelier’s tips Reds : Rich and fleshy, Mercurey i