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Allegrini and three options to fulfill any expectations!

By Marina La Forgia The Allegrini wines are the kind of ones that you can never get disappointed. In every price range they offer the best quality-price ratio and they are pure expression of the best new Italian style. The venetian winery is acclaimed by their excellent Amarone della Valpolicella wines, but they have a wide variety of other products and labels that here in Quebec are gaining more and more adepts. The example? These 3 wines that I absolutely recommend: Allegrini – Di Fumane 2015 Vino Rosso IGT – Italy SAQ Price: $15,50 A simple and delicious blend made with indigenous grapes Corvina, Corvinone and international Merlot, which is plenty of aromas. In the nose we can feel the red fruit marmalade, some floral notes like roses and violets, some vanilla and even nuts. In the mouth, its medium bodied but enough strong to marry perfectly with some Italian dishes, like pasta or pizza. This is a wine you can bring to any informal friend’s or family’s supper without