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Camping and good wines

(By Marina La Forgia)  A new summer season begins and going on camping is one of the most beautiful and accessible activities that I found myself to enjoy the magic of nature. With friends or family, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting around the fire and enjoying pleasant sunsets and picnics outdoors. It does not take a big budget to have a good time. Here 3 wine proposals that were my perfect allies this weekend in the Mont Orford National Park. Aufkellereien One of the classic grocery wines, the white Aufkellereien is a fruity, refreshing and unpretentious German wine, that indeed very pleasant. It is the ideal appetizer, since it seduces all palates. Sea Ridge Merlot A good choice of light red wine, with pleasant notes of red fruits and very easy to drink. The palate also has soft spicy notes that give to the wine a nice freshness and a good finish on the palate. Good price-quality ratio. Ch√Ęteau Lamartine Exclusively for the gondolas of th