I am a specialised journalist and sommelier and my main goal is to promote the world of wine in a professional and independent manner. It is already a big pleasure to have you as a reader of my blog, which was created with passion and is growing with dedication. But if you want to know about my professional services, you can find below a short presentation. Do not hesitate in contacting me for any specific request. Whether you are a wine lover or a wine professional, it will be a pleasure for me to become your partner. I will do my best to serve you! 

Marina La Forgia

Feeling Wine & Food - services for consumers:

- Private events organisations and tastings "Evening of tasting" and "Only wine for women" (Montreal and South Shore region)

-Course “Introduction into the world of wine”, private or groups (Montreal and South Shore region)

-"New world wines" specialization course (Montreal and South Shore region)

-Tasting Club and access to products in private import 

-Tips for pairing wine & food for special events 

Feeling Wine & Food - services for companies:

-Professional Sommelier service for private events (Montreal and South Shore region)

- New wine labels promotion (tasting notes, critics and comments)

-Development of the communication strategies for wineries, agents or related industry companies

- Research and prospection on different markets  (importers, agents and distributors)

- Website contents and advice

-Translation services into Spanish from French, English, Italian and Portuguese origin documents (websites, tasting notes, etc)

-Clipping and market analysis (specific needs)

- Information and documents about the wine import into the Quebec market

For more information about all the services, or if you have another specif request, please contact


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