Akel, a new Chilean red wine that worth the discovery!

(By Marina La Forgia)
Akel, which means red in the Mapuche language, is the name of the new wine from the Chilean winery Montgras that has arrived to the SAQ gondolas. A blend of Syrah, Garnacha and Carignan that surprises and pleases thanks to its pronounced notes of red and black berry fruits, leather and cinnamon. The palate is very unctuous and pleasant. Although it has spent 12 months in the barrels, the oak contribution is gentle, subtle and elegant, respecting the great potential and splendor of these three red varieties that grow and mature so well in the Colchagua Valley. A little advice to enjoy it at its best? Leave it uncorked or poured for about 15 minutes before tasting it ... that way all its pleasant and full bouquet of aromas will blossom!
Montgras is one of the wineries in the region that practices sustainable agriculture and its wines have in my humble opinion an excellent price-quality ratio. The new red Akel is another label that could confirm it.


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