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As a good overpowering bull, these wines do not go unnoticed ...

Nomen Omen 2016 Red Bull Ring - Podere Castorani  Terre di Chieti IGT - Italy Chardonnay - Pinot Grigio SAQ Price: $ 21.55 I imagine being a car driver is a vertiginous profession. Some wines, when we drink them, also want to give us that feeling of absolute intensity. Maybe this wine carries the mark of Jarno Trulli, Italian pilot, and the owner producer of this wine that stands out for its careful marketing and its fruit and flavor explosion. Bi-varietal composed by two very expressive grapes, the Chardonnay predominates mainly with its notes of peach, pear, melon and jasmine. In the mouth, it has a little crunchy texture, it is intense and sweet with a very lasting final. The Nomen Omen is a white wine with strength, perhaps not very subtle or elegant, but as a good overpowering bull does not go unnoticed, neither to see, nor to drink ... (MLF). Nomen Omen 2014 Red Bull Ring - Podere Castorani Terre di Chieti IGT - Italy Merlot - Sangiovese SAQ price: