V8 +, a Prosecco with many virtues to discover!

By Marina La Forgia

Icon of the Italian bubbles, the Prosecco continue to gain followers in the world and Quebec is not the exception. A new sparkling wine from the great wine house Genagricola has arrived at the SAQ gondolas with a name that is easy to remember, V8 +. They say that eight minutes is what it takes the sunlight to reach the Earth and the "eight" is also the number that symbolizes infinity ... now it is also the trademark of a new sparkling wine!
Made 100% with the traditional Glera grape, this Prosecco DOC Brut and Millesimato is a deliciously fresh and fruity wine, with pleasant notes of green apple, pear and peach. On the palate, this young sparkling wine stands out for its slightly mineral character, not so easy to find in the more traditional Prosecco. A wine of excellent price quality ratio, very easy drinking and with an original label and bottles. In the price point of less than 20 canadian dollars is the ideal “party” ally. (MLF)


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