An Italian name for an Italian Zinfandel!

That’s why this  world-renowned Apulian Zinfandel has changed its name
from «Why Not?!» to «Perché No?!»

Nothing has changed except for the label since Perché No?! is the Italian translation for Why not?! and inside the bottle you’ll find the same fascinating wine you’re used to, a powerful Zinfandel from the beautiful Salento wine region, in the deep south of Italy.

Bright red in colour, with an enchanting ripe red fruits aroma and hints of dry fruit and spices, it feels soft and balanced on the palate due to the good acidity and soft tannins. A great accompaniment to savoury first courses, roast or braised red meat, game and mature cheese.

Source: Casa Vitivinicola Tinazzi


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