Les Bretèches 2013: discovering the lebanese "terroir"

Les Bretèches 2013
Château Kefraya
Bekaa Valley
SAQ price : 14,95$

It is always fascinating to travel around the world through a wine tasting. It is a pleasure to feel the aromas and flavors of distant lands. Thanks to this wine, I had the opportunity to go to Lebanon!
The wine choice from this wine region is becoming more visible in the SAQ stores and they are gaining fans thanks to their excellent price-quality ratio. It is a good exercise to give yourself the opportunity to leave the traditional producing countries to go to the discovery of new wines…
Les Bretèches 2013 is a red wine made from Cinsault, a grape traditionally planted in the Bekaa valley. In the nose, its notes are an amalgam of red fruit marmalade with spices such as cumin, pepper and cinnamon. On the palate, I would have liked it to be a little more corpulent, but I also found it very nice, balanced in acidity and elegant.
In these days when autumn Québec reminds us with its cooler days and nights that there is nothing more welcoming than a good wine and a good meal like stews, ragus and stews, this wine I assure you that can be your perfect ally. (MLF)


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