Sushi and alsatian Pinot Gris: both great and affordable!

By Marina La Forgia

Once again I had the chance to eat at Kamikaze Sushi, this simple and friendly restaurant in our neighborhood, and I must confess that I love it because the quality price ratio for this restaurant is unbeatable. The menu is pretty interesting in terms of variety and you can bring your wine!

In this occasion, we have decided to bring and taste this fabulous white wine from Alsace. The Pfaff Pinot Gris tradition is a very aromatic and delicate wine, with exuberant aromas of wild flowers and tropical fruits, lavender, peach and mango. In the mouth, is still a bit sweet but also dry and elegant. It matches perfectly with the Japanese food, such as the sashimi, sushi and an unctuous salad with scampi, one of my favourites dishes from this restaurant. Both, food and wine together, were intact in terms of flavours and generosity. Even with the exotic and tasty dessert (fried green tea ice-cream with a coconut coat) the wine was an ideal complement, adding the sweetness to the acidity of the green tea. Sublime!

It doesn't really matter if both, sushi food and wine, cost me some money...because the pleasure they have given me in exchange is actually priceless!

Pfaff Pinot Gris Tradition
Cave des Vignerons de Pfaffenheim
Alsace Appellation
Regular Price SAQ: 17,45$

Sushi Kamikaze
Place Portobello, 7250 Boulevard Taschereau, Brossard


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