Leva: a bulgarian white wine to discover and adopt!

Leva Winemaker’s Selection
Chardonnay, Dimiat & Muscat 2015
Vinex Slavyantsi
SAQ Price: 11,35$

What a pleasant surprise was to taste this Bulgarian wine! A regional white wine from the Roses Valley elaborated as a blend of Chardonnay, Muscat and a more native variety, the Dimiat. This wine is absolutely versatile and delicious. On the nose, I have been captivated by its very pleasant aromas of fruit such as pear, peach and mango. In the mouth, it is this fruity character that returns with elegance, with subtle notes of honey and a dry end and strong and very balanced. A wine that I invite you to discover, with an unbeatable price-quality ratio from a little-known wine region that has much to offer and nothing to envy.
A mention also important is to say that is a "Fair for Life" wine: this certification guarantees that human rights are respected at all levels of production and that the producer and his employees enjoy the best working conditions. How important is this certification for the world of wines, but for our whole society in general!
I always encourage myself to choose these wines in the gondolas of the SAQ because that means a wonderful exercise that allows me to continue learning, which surprises me and makes me recognize that in the world there are still many hidden treasures to unveil and taste. This white wine will certainly be part of my favorites for an aperitif or to accompany any of my daily dinners along with my other half. I take my glass and let's make a toast! Because it is generous, elegant, fresh, fair and different. (MLF)


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