Welcome to the world of Stobi, unique Macedonian Wines!

By Marina La Forgia

Let me introduce you to these different and still unknown wines from Macedonia. Even if it is a legendary wine region, here in Quebec they are a world to discover. Stoby is the winery that has decided to conquer the Canadian market and I had the pleasure to taste them before the official launch. Stay tuned, they will be seen more often in the market very, very soon! So far, they are available in private imports.

Coming from the Tikves wine region, these are wines with a strong personality. Tikves has the same latitude as Bordeaux or Napa Valley, so the Mediterranean climate conditions are more than optimal to grow the vines.  The Macedonian soil and the sunny sky help in order to produce the best quality wines.
The grape varieties include both indigenous and traditional types. In term of quality, here in Quebec we can find some of the premium and best wines. These are my favourites! 

Stobi Chardonnay Barrique 2013

This is a very interesting chardonnay. In nose, it is a pleasant mix of tropical fruits, white flowers, nuts and butter. In mouth, I liked it because it expresses a nice minerality and freshness that are very unusual for this variety. Delicate, unctuous and elegant.

Stobi Zilavka 2015
Made with Zilavka, an indigenous grape, this is young white wine very fresh and aromatic. In nose, has plenty of fruit notes such as pear, peach, lemon and grapefruit. Some hints of minerality and smoke are also very attractive. In mouth, the wine is pretty intense, concentrated and persistent. This is a wine variety I was very pleased to discover….it made me remember some characteristics of the viognier and some of the semillon…

Stobi Pinot Noir 2015

Another French variety that seems to well raise in Macedonian soils. In nose, it has all the typical notes such as leather, animal, spices, red fruits. It offers a nice and surrounding bouquet. It has a nice body, in mouth is very fruity and complex. This is a very interesting and well made pinot, equilibrated, intense and elegant. Strongly recommended!

Stobi Aminta 2013
A red wine made from a blend of three varieties: Vranec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The first one is a rustic indigenous grape that gives the wine a particular and strong touch. The other two varieties are the complement of elegance and delicate notes. Generally speaking, it’s a wine with a complex bouquet of marmalade, spices and underbrush. Very intense in the mouth, strong body and long and persistent final. A delicate bitterness make it even more complex. A wine to marry with wild meat and-or strong cheeses.


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