Champs de Florence, a nice Rosé from Quebec lands

Champs de Florence 2017
Domaine du Ridge – Quebec – Canada
100% Seyval Noir
SAQ Price: $14,55
(By Marina La Forgia) Nothing better than receiving the first spring sun with a glass of good Rosé from Quebec! The Champs de Florence by Domaine du Ridge is personally a pleasant discovery of what the humble local terroir can offer. I have had occasion a few months ago to visit and taste several wines from this winery and I really believe that almost all of them have an exceptional quality. Here the new 2017 vintage of its acclaimed rosé which is already on the market! Made from the native variety Seyval Noir, it seduces on the nose for its elegant citrus and floral notes, such as grapefruit, pineapple and jasmine. The palate is friendly, fruity, fresh, a true delight to enjoy without feeling guilty. Thanks to its good price-quality ratio, this rosé is one of those wines from Quebec that I have decided with conviction to adopt and spread the word. Santé!


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