Under the charm of Muscadet ...

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Cru Clisson 2014
AOC Muscadet - France
100% Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet)
SAQ Price: $ 23.90
The Muscadet gives us endless and different sensations than perhaps other French white wines. They have a strong personality, well defined notes and very particular flavors. They are generally very elegant wines, but they can also awaken our senses of smell and taste very intensely. This is what has happened to me tasting the 2014 Clisson. Made by the Lieubeau family, from the Loire Valley, which for two years has been making its wines under organic agriculture, this Muscadet is a very delicate white wine, but with pleasant and marked smoky, floral and mineral notes. The nose is clean, fresh, friendly. In the mouth, its subtle acidity and its smoky character make it an unctuous and enveloping wine, with such good presence. The almost 4 years in the bottle have helped in defining and rounding it, for sure. The Clisson has a long final, with a definite character and an authentic flavor of its terroir. In aperitif or pairing salads and white meats, it is a very versatile wine that is worth discovering. (MLF)


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