Let’s pour sun and life into our glasses with these excellent four quality-price ratio organic whites!

By Marina La Forgia

Many of you already know that one of my most fervent missions in this world of wines is to be able to discover and advise the ones that respond to my two main criteria: high quality and accessible to the public. Now I have added the crusade that these wines should be as natural, genuine and organic as possible. Here I share with you a nice selection of delicious, refreshing, well-made white wines, from my beloved Argentina, Spain and Romania. Thus, there are no excuses to not go to procure some bottles, available of course, at the SAQ gondolas.

Bodega Piedra Negra Pinot Gris 2017
Francois Lurton - Mendoza - Argentina
SAQ price: $ 14.60
A wine perfumed with aromas of the Andes terroir: cooked white fruits, jasmine and some mineral notes that remind us of its soil. The palate is friendly, with a slight acidity that makes it refreshing and alive. The Pinot Grigio Lurton in Argentina is one of those white classics that people adopt for their elegance, simplicity and versatility. A very well achieved and accessible wine that I always love to rediscover.

Vigna Petro Vaselo Alb 2017
Chardonnay 100%
Recas - Romania
SAQ price: $ 14.25
Wow, I was delighted to discover this Romanian chardonnay! Very fragrant and delicate, with pleasant notes of white fruits, some vanilla and roses. In the mouth, the aromas of the nose reappear and make them a very balanced wine, fresh and easy to drink. Perfect as an appetizer, it's worth discovering, really.

Bodegas Volver Paso a Paso Verdejo 2016
La Mancha, Spain
SAQ price: $ 14.50
If there is a variety of my predilection, that is the Verdejo, for its freshness, its floral notes, its acidity always present but very pleasant. And I really thank this winery for producing such a genuine, biological and delicate wine that responds very well to the typicality at such an affordable price. The Volver Paso a Paso gives us young fruit, perfumed aromas, flowers here and there, a lot of Iberian terroir all over the senses, and a final elegance in the palate! Highly recommended.

Masi Tupungato Passo Blanco 2017
Pinot Grigio - Torrontés
Mendoza Argentina
SAQ price: $ 13.95
From the fabulous and unique Uco Valley comes this varietal that combines the essence of the winery: Italian savoir faire in Argentinean land! Blend of two delicious grapes, pinot grigio and torrontés, is an attractive wine with a young and very fresh character. On the nose, the characteristic floral fragrance of the Torrontés grape is well mixed with some citrus notes of Pinot Grigio creating together a very pleasant bouquet. Easy to drink and with a fruity, dry and balanced finish, the Passo Blanco is like a refreshing spring breeze that helps us survive the last weeks of the eternal Canadian winter ...


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