Viñas Viejas Garnacha: a wine with history, “terroir” and a lot of expression

Viñas Viejas Garnacha 2012
Bodegas Paniza
Do Cariñena - Spain
SAQ price: $ 15.50
(For Marina La Forgia) I continue with my pleasant crusade of discovering wines of excellent quality and price virtues and enough diversity in order to fulfill all your different palates!  Today let me introduce you the Viñas Viejas 2012 of Bodegas Paniza, a mature, rich and complex Spanish wine. A great “terroir” wine made from historic vineyards that cannot be more than a delight in the glass!
With the rusticity of the Garnacha grape cultivated in high altitude of Cariñena region, this wine presents on the nose nice aromas of caramelized black fruits, cinnamon, coffee, earthy notes of evolution, some leather and mushrooms. The palate is very kind, intense, tasty and round. A red wine with a good tannic structure that gives it body and unctuousness. The finale is long and persistent.
This Garnacha is in my opinion at its best point of evolution. A good quality/price ratio wine from this Spanish appellation that is little by little standing strong in the wine world and that I am very happy to discover thanks to local, original, authentic and generous wines. Highly recommended. A su salud!


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