Italian, white, authentic and organic

(By Marina La Forgia) If you are looking for good certified organic white Italian wines, here are three excellent proposals. Three different styles from north to south! 

Alois Lageder Gaun Chardonnay 2016
Trentino Alto Adige - Italy
SAQ price: $ 27.50
The nose is very attractive, with pleasant fruity and floral notes. In the mouth it preserves its elegance, a nice Chardonnay with the characteristics that remind us of white fruits, but coming from a different terroir which makes it more aromatic and less creamy. This Italian wine region always amazes me for the delicacy of its wines, they are very perfumed and seductive, and particularly the whites.

Pratello Lugana Catulliano 2016
Lombardy - Italy
SAQ price: $ 20,50
It’s been a while that I feel the Lugana appellation deserves to be discovered. It offers such elegant and floral white wines, above all. The Pratello is 100% Trebbiano di Lugana, a very aromatic autochthonous variety. In the mouth, it is easy to drink, light, refreshing and very particular. For those looking for a different white, pay attention on this one!

Planet Alastro 2016
Sicily - Italy
SAQ price: $ 22.00
Another wine of terroir, authentic, different, autochthonous. Made with the local Grecanico variety, it is a great white wine to discover. On the nose it is well fruity, clean and pleasant. On the palate, absolutely refreshing, with some citrus notes and very easy to drink. The perfect wine for the appetizer!


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