The Ladron and the secrets of Mencía

(By Marina La Forgia) Ladron is a delicious and original red wine of the Mencía variety produced by Casa Rojo. Innovative and avant-garde as only a few in Spain, this winery has been surprising me for all the attractive labels for all the different wines. Mencía is an Iberic variety that has been forgotten for decades and is now beginning to be reborn and to win fans among young winemakers. Some studies relate this grape variety to Cabernet Franc and the best place in the world for it seems to be the Bierzo region. This is where this young red comes from, it has a strong character that expresses the best of this terroir. Made from old vines planted in the area and without any wood aging, Ladron is a very fruity young wine overflowing notes of cherry, raspberry, wild flowers, licorice and mint. In the mouth it surprises by its unctuousness, its pronounced minerality and its fruit intensity. An irreverent and particular wine that shows the particularities of a very Spanish variety that is worth discovering the secrets. Nothing better than a Ladron (thief) to bring them!


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